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Amazon didn't clarify whether that former employee was the sole culprit or if they just happened to be the only one caught out of many. It also didn't specify where they're from and didn't reveal the real scope of the issue. Based on WSJ's previous report, though, sellers have paid Amazon personnel as much as $2,000 for customers' email addresses. By knowing customers' personal accounts, the sellers can directly (and maybe even repeatedly) ask them to change or pull negative reviews, since "Verified Purchase" reviews affect products' placement on search results pages. In some instances, they reportedly bribed the employees to pull negative reviews. Seeing as several third-party sellers can list the exact same items, placement is crucial in making a sale.

You need not go the extra mile and make an effort to walk to a store but with just one click you can have the world fashion at your doorstep. The shopping website owners introducing Discount shopping will always want to satisfy their customers therefore as a gesture of acknowledgement they are always ready to provide free home delivery within no time. You are spared all the overhead expenses when shopping online because there are no hidden costs involved. This is because the website owner does not have to pay rent or electricity bills at regular intervals neither does he have to maintain a payroll, in turn he slashes the market price to its minimum because he can bear the cost and sell to his or her customer at the lowest rate.

It is a win-win situation, you get your desired possession and he or she gets popular and market share.

Large e-commerce websites generate between 5-10 million page views on an average every single day. Logging each of these user sessions in the backend can cause tremendous strain on the servers, not to mention the storage requirements necessary to handle this load. One way to counter this challenge is by sampling at the source. Sampling clickstream collection would efficiently address the two issues mentioned above, although it introduces new problems. For one, sampled data will not be able to accurately capture rare events such as searching for a particular term or credit card authorization failure. Furthermore, business requirements, such as payment for advertising click-through referrals, require exact (rather than approximate) statistics.

There was a time when buying, selling, marketing, advertising and conducting other commercial transactions used to be physical practices. In the digital era of today, human involvement in either of these activities has been reduced to next to nil. All kinds of products and services are very easily sold and marketed online. Right from perishable goods to elaborate services, everything can be ordered, delivered, searched and tested remotely. This phenomenon was bound to shake things up in the market and pioneers like Amazon was successful in disrupting that particular market. However, many enterprises survived the onset of e-commerce and were, in fact, able to adapt very well to the changing demands of the customers.

If this wasn't a technological wonder, enter artificial intelligence, which further revolutionized e-commerce.